Collection Blue

Dive right into absolute exoticism with Caméléon Designer’s 2017 spring and summer BLUE collection, a clothing line inspired by sailing, and feel the spellbinding freedom of a travelling lifestyle. The spotlight is on the color blue which evokes the sky, the water, the space, the air, and the sea around us, as well as travelling around the world. The hues of blue work with everything. The clothes are made with technical textiles used in sportswear, and feature prints of plants, aquatic life, and sailing. The collection’s design fits an active lifestyle without sacrificing elegance. As the collection’s name suggests, Caméléon Designer offers a timeless style that combines elegance, simplicity and comfort. The gentleness and harmony of the BLUE collection will bring a salty breeze to your life and light you up like the sun!

About caméléon

Caméléon Designer is a Quebec-based company that designs, manufactures and distributes women’s apparel. A classic and casual style for an active and urban clientele. Our sustainable philosophy leads us to create a smart fashion. Our clothes are all designed and manufactured in Quebec City, Canada, from organic and eco-friendly fabrics.

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